Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Great SUV Experiment

I always wanted an SUV. I had an old Dodge Ram back in the day as a 2nd car and loved to drive it. So much so that I wanted to trade my current car (Plymouth Acclaim) in for a SUV. I did some research and found I wanted the Granddaddy of SUV, the Jeep Grand Wagoneer. I found one that was not rusted away and bought it. What a mistake. I loved it, and worked on it and joined a club and crawled up and in and around it. I loved to drive it but man did it suck the gas; 9mpg/11mpg and this was when gas was about 1.05 a gallon.

So after a while it was time to move on. My wife did not drive the beast and the gas was killing me. Plus these SUV's were known to rust out from the floor up and that was what mine was doing. Out came the For Sale sign and off to the want ads for my next car. I found a GMC Jimmy. Well taken care of and with enough bells and whistles to keep me happy. It was also safe enough that the wife did not mind driving it. I sold the Jeep and picked up the Jimmy and away I went for a few years. I enjoyed the high driving and the 4x4 in a land that got 144 inches of snow . When we got to Indiana I had 1) no need for 4-wheel drive and 2) gas was starting to inch up to almost $1.50/gal.

The next vehicle was a crossover, an Outlander. The body and semi-height of an SUV with a 4cyl engine. It was brand new, sunroof, heated seats, leather, fully loaded and my wife took it. Now I am 'stuck' with a sedan. I just purchased my first 'new' car, a 2007 Dodge Charger (only 4K on it). I had no desire to get a SUV or a truck, even though the wife had me look at some. I have had the Charger for 4 weeks now, I have put about 2500 miles on it for 2 long trips and have loved every minute behind the wheel.

So keep your Hummer and Escalade, make mine a sedan.


At 4:51 PM, Blogger Nell said...

I really need a wagon, had a Hyundai one but it caught fire in my driveway and burned up...so now I have a Ch. Prizm sedan which I love.

When I drove for the limo company and we did mountain runs we would use a top of the line Denali and omg did I love that thing. Course I wasn't paying the for gas so....

At 3:15 PM, Blogger Aunt Murry said...

Have you seen the Dodge Nitro? It look like a Hummer and a Wagoneer had a baby. LOL Or maybe a Land Rover.


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