Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Quick Reviews...

Home sick yesterday and watched a movie. Been watching a few movies lately both on DVD and in the theater. A quick rundown of what's going on:

Wall*E: absolutely fantastic! Saw it with the wife, my parents and my 15 year old son and we all loved it! I cannot recommend this more to you. I have heard Best Picture talk in the web and I have to agree. A must see this summer!!!

Wanted: another great action film. If G rated is not for you (but please see Wall*E) then this hard R is right up your alley. Non-stop action, good story and great effects makes this my popcorn movie of the summer so far. The idea was bases on a comic but the director took it from there and wow! If you need drama and fully developed characters, messages and agendas in your films go elsewhere. If you want heart-pumping, non-stop action, cool gun play, swear words and Angelina's ass then grab a seat next to me. Sign number 3 this is a good movie, the wife would see it again!!!

Blade Runner: Final Cut: while I was sick I put this in. A classic the way the director wanted it. I had forgotten how slow the movie was. It is still a masterpiece in my book but watching it yesterday I realized how much of a wimp Decker is...let the hate mail begin.

Serenity: yes I know this movie came out like 3 years ago and the show it's based on before that but we finally got to watching both. Firefly was the next Buffy and boy did Fox mess that one up. The movie takes place right after the show ended and really really really shows me what we the audience missed thanks to Fox pulling this show. Jerks.

I watched a few more this past 2 weeks Be Kind Rewind, Jumper, and National Treasure 2. All not bad for 2 hours of entertainment but nothing to write home (or here) about....

Be well


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