Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Death Penalty

Scott Peterson was given the death penalty yesterday and that started a little 'conversation' at work. I think it is a waste of time an money for this situation simply because California never puts it's Death row Inmates to death, they simply do not follow the rule of the law. When a convict is sentenced to death he/she should get put to death.

As you can tell I am all for the death penalty. While I much rather prefer a life sentence without parole where the convict can rot in jail, some crimes are so disturbing that the death penalty should be considered. No I am not going to list which crimes they are as I think each crime/victim/convict should be looked at individually. Each state has laws which outline the crimes that could warrant a sentence of death and the judge and jury should consider that.

I am aware that our system is not 100% and that sometimes innocent people are convicted for crimes they did not commit (like Bruce Banner) and that in completing the job a jury set forth an innocent person might be put to death. While I would feel sorry for the person and family I feel safer knowing that dangerous, violent criminals are put down like the dogs they are and will no longer harm the good citizens of this great country. And while two wrongs do not make a right, it does even the score for the victims family.

As for Scott Peterson, I think he should have gotten life in prison with no chance of parole. I think the natural order of things in a prison would have taken care of a man who murdered his wife and unborn child.

Sidenote: While directing our Spanish Newscast last night I was about to take a graphic of Peterson with a subtitle of Death Penalty when the producer (who speaks spanish) screams do not take it, do not take it. I got to the anchor on a close up and the producer comes up laughing hysterically. The graphic was to say PENA de Muerte (Penalty of Death) but instead our Art Department messed up and it said PENE de Muerte, or Penis Of Death.


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Pod....now *that* would have been hilarious. ;)


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