Monday, December 13, 2004

The Tribe Has Spoken

I am a Survivor junkie and the finale was last night. Chris won and should have!!!! In a merged tribe that had 6 women all in alliance and one guy he made it to the final two when he should have been voted off before any of the women were. They hammered him about lying and bullshitting and crap like that. He won because the women could not stay together, PERIOD. There were 7 people on the jury and only 2 were there because of him!! He lied to Julie and Eliza when they got voted off. All the others have each other to blame for getting voted off. The man played hard against great odds and beat them all. Nice Job.

The problem this year was that no one stood out and the show actually was very boring until the last few episodes (say down to the final 7 players). The most exciting thing about this season was that I got to work with Rupert. He did a weekly segment for our news and came in to shoot it every week for 15 minutes then ended up hanging out for an hour or so just talking Survivor and stuff with the crew. That was very cool getting an insight to the game by someone who played it well (twice) and became America's Favorite Survivor. By the by, great guy, nice and personable and would speak with every person that came out to see him.......


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