Tuesday, December 21, 2004

So Long, Farewell......

So the father-in-law left yesterday and we had a great visit. After a little airline troubles we got them here a day late but earlier than the airlines 'worked out' (10:00am instead of 3:30pm). We showed the sights, shopped, ate, visited my folks and generally had a good time! The boy was stunned when we went to the airport looking for his great grandma and him seeing his grandfather coming at us on the escalator. The look on his face was worth it, he was quite surprised!

It was such a good weekend (and I took Monday off) that I have nothing to bitch about today. I have a couple of good stories saved for Christmas....

oh my brother got engaged this weekend to his girlfriend of several years. They are very good together and we look forward to having her in our family, we just hope she feels the same way ;-)

oh and I had the strangest dream this morning. My irrational fear of the living dead is well documented here and last night I slept hard but wanted to wake up early to work out. Don't remember too much of the early dreams but I do remember being in a parking garage when a dog howls and runs down a darkened ramp. From down the ramp you hear the dog and other moaning. While everyone is looking around like "What the f*&&#?" I say, "Great, the living dead guess that means I will wake up and hear things at my house for the next hour." And sure enough up the ramp comes the shuffling living dead and as everyone scrambles for their lives I wake up and see that it is 6:00am and am worried that if I roll over and look to the bedroom door I was see it open with someone standing in the hallway. So there I stayed until 7:04am when I heard my dog come up the stairs (or what I hoped was my dog.) and got up to work out. While I have not watched a zombie movie in sometime, I did see an ad for Shawn of the Dead which comes out this week and I want to watch it. I am so screwed up.

If you only visit once a week then I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! Otherwise see you tomorrow.


At 9:21 PM, Blogger Brent said...

Lately I've been a once-a-weeker. And I thought since being on vacation I'd be blogging more...wrong! If per chance I don't make it back, have a great Christmas!! And, thank goodness, I haven't had a zombie dream in years!


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