Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Friday Favorites (Late Again)


What is your favorite...

1. ...board game?
Risk. I haven't played in years but I remember nights in High School hanging out in my friend Vinny's basement playing to all hours. What a rush. I own several versions of it and am just waiting for the boy to be old enough to enjoy it.

2. ...card game?
Euchre. Not really good but something we dads would play on our Cub Scout Camp outs in New York. Always a good time.

3. ...video game?
PC: Total War (Shogun or Medievil)
PS2: Metal of Honor series
GameCube: Star Wars Bounty Hunter (Fett kicks ASS)

4. ...video game controller? (i.e. joystick, game pad, ps2 controller, etc.)
To me the one and only original Atari 2600 Controller. Joystick with one button. Never confusing.

5. ...sport? (watch or participate)
Baseball, Baseball, Baseball. Why are there other sports?


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