Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Tuesday's Tales

Today is a blank. I read on one of my daily visits (Danelle) that she has a notebook on here computer open and jots down stuff that comes to her to blog about. I thought that was a great idea and told myself I would start doing that. Unfortunately that is today and I have no good ideas in my right now.

Writers block is funny, just this weekend in casual conversation I came up with about 3-4 things I could really sink my teeth into, yet now they are gone. Is it old age setting in, Adult ADD, or information overload that my mind sometimes turns to mush. I've always had this problem, I can remember movie lines, songs from the 80's, bad jokes and funny stories. But ask me my phone number from my New York home (only gone a year) and I can't remember it. I can see faces from 2nd grade but no names, and please do not ask me to remember any but a handful of my college professors (don't even bother with Grade School). While cleaning out my parents basement after it had flooded, we found a box of my stuff from college. In it were letters (no e-mail back in those days) to high school friends, sweethearts and family members. I opened and read a bunch, however one disturbed me. It was from some girl I couldn't remember but liked me and I had obviously liked her as I found several more from her. I had visited her at her college and she had come to mine visiting her friends and stopping in to see me several times. We apparently called each other and planned a trip together but for the life of my I can not remember her or her face. I looked in some old photo albums and even asked the wife if she remembered her and she said no. Kinda freaked me out and still bugs me. The mind is very strange.


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