Thursday, April 21, 2005

Slow Week

So it is finally Thursday, Survivor night in our household. The grass needs mowing (again) the grill needs to be cleaned, my office is a mess and all I want to do is play Rome: Total War! PC games are so addicting!

Next week marks the 6 month anniversary of my workouts. I have gone every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (except the week I was on vacation) to the YMCA for 6 months. That has to be some record for me!! Slowly but surely I will work myself back into shape (other than round)......

Shows you must be watching if you watch TV: Deadwood (HBO), The Shield (FX), Lost (ABC), Scrubs (NBC), Arrested Development (Fox) and starting May 1st The Family Guy (Fox). Each and everyone Emmy worthy with some of the best writing, directing and acting on television today. Notice no 24 as if you have not been watching from the start, give it up and get the DVDs.


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