Thursday, July 14, 2005

A Presidential Visit

I got to see the President today, he spoke at a convention in downtown Indianapolis in front of the Indiana Black Expo.  An interesting choice for this or any President as the engagement was sold out BEFORE the President announced he was to speak here.  No hand-picked supporters, no standing O at every point, not even an assurance of polite clapping during your speech, a bold move.
I got to see it from the director's chair as we did wall to wall coverage at the station from minutes before the touch down of Air Force One to wheels up and back to Washington.  A quick visit to be sure but a decent speech that touched on education, the American Dream and the faith of the American people.  Since I was working I did miss some of the talk but he seemed very relaxed and did a fine job at the podium.
I catch the analysis on the news this evening. The best part was that this was not a State of speech or a campaign speech but a chance for a President to talk to his fellow Americans and let his feeling be known.


At 7:08 PM, Blogger Brent said...

In my life (I'm 44) I've seen one major political speech. That was when I was in elementary school, when VP Spiro Agnew (under Tricky Dickey) visited our school. I've worked numerous presidential speeches, but never been inside to hear the speech.


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