Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Good News Bad News

Yesterday a K9 Officer (some will say it is only a dog but I believe as a trained member of the police department it is a police officer) was shot in the line of duty. While on a search that turned into a pursuit, Officer Arco was sent into a shed where the suspect had hidden. The suspect opened fire on police (not the first time he has done this) and struck and killed Officer Arco.

The Good News is that police returned fire and struck and killed the son of a bitch that had opened fire on them and killed one of their own. Thankfully no other police officer was injured and the taxpayers of our fine city were saved the expense of jail time, court costs, appeal costs and parole costs for this bastard. One less piece of shit on the streets for Joe Citizen to worry about. The shooting officers should get recognition and Officer Arco should be laid to rest with honors.

The dead criminal should be buried at the families expense or if they cannot afford it, burned and tossed in the trash where he belongs.


At 7:21 PM, Blogger Brent said...

Thank you for saying what I shouldn't!!! You're my hero!


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