Monday, August 08, 2005

Jumbled Thoughts

Wife back at work and me back to getting up early. The in-laws visited last week. The visit went well and we'll see them again in a year when they drive through again on their way back to Florida. They seem to be mellowing in their semi-retirement and that is good for them. Running a restaurant it not easy work, running a very successfully one is even harder.

Last week was also football tryouts for the boy. He worked his ass off but did not make it this year. This is the first year of cut sports (junior High) and last year they had a school team with 80 kids on it and only budget for 3 coaches. Not a good mix so this year they went down to 45 kids and almost 100 showed up for try outs...I told him going in do not cut yourself, give 100% and if you do not make it that just means someone else was better than you and that is nothing to be ashamed about. He was devastated when he got cut and took it very personal. I took him aside and told him that this was not a knock against him. He is an incredible catcher and all his coaches want him behind the plate in tough games so he is a go athlete, so I told him if he was picking a team that needed quick baserunners who would he pick the great hitter who runs to 1st in 10 seconds or the good hitter who runs to 1st in 9 seconds. He said 9 seconds and I asked if the 10 second runner was a bad baseball player he said no but the other guy can run a little faster....I said exactly. He got over it.

Saturday night was also Minor League Night as we had tickets to the suite for the local AAA team. The wife's bank owns a suite their and let her give away tickets at the grand opening of her branch. Well she had 2 left and me and the boy went while she shopped nearby. Thing was we get there and noone is in the suite. It is loaded with food and drink and noon e showed up. So I called my folks (also at the game) and had them come up and then the wife called and asked how we were and I told her to come here after shopping and get something to eat. So me, the boy, the grandparents, the nephew and the wife all enjoyed 2 extra inning games with free food and drink and great seats to some awesome baseball. Sunday the boy woke up still smiling and has since forgotten the whole football thing.

Some random thoughts from last week and this weekend:
Peter Jennings
Sad to see him go so young, but cigarettes do not cause cancer...Has anyone ever wondered why 2 out of the 3 main network anchors these past 25 years have been Canadians? Jennings to me was the also ran. Tom was the man on NBC and Rather was always doing something on CBS but Peter was Peter on ABC. TO tell you the truth I did not even know he had cancer until I saw he died today. Since I work in news I never watch the nightlies and now with the internet there is really for me no reason to watch national news anymore. I knew Tom and Dan left but I did not even know Peter has stopped anchoring. Either way thoughts and prayers to the family for a way too early loss.
Space Shuttle Delay
Pull the trigger...too much pussyfooting around. Be men dammit!!!!


At 9:02 PM, Blogger Brent said...

You taught a good lesson to your son! We can't always be the best. My Dad always told me, "I don't care what you do, brain surgery or digging ditches, but give your best at whatever you do."


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