Friday, December 23, 2005

Kick In The Gut

With the Lock In I did not comment on yesterday's big story here in Indy so
here it is:

In my line of work you get to meet many people and tons of celebrities. Some are nicer than expected (Richard Karn, Deb Norville), some are not (Names Removed for Legal Reasons) and some become friends (Rupert). But there is also those that are so genuine that you are just glad that you had a chance to work with them. One of those is Tony Dungy, for those of you not into football he is the Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts. As loyal readers know I love the Colts, more for their class then their record and that class starts at the top with Coach Dungy. A man of faith and family and football, this was someone to look up to. Yesterday he suffered the worse loss a man could, the death of a child. His oldest son was found dead in his Florida apartment where he was attending college classes. When I heard this on the way to work I was physically ill, I do not know him personally and have only worked with him once or twice and he would not know me from Adam but I was saddened as if I suffered the loss with him and I am not the only one. Most of my co-workers feel the same way and that is a testament to the man and his ways. Please keep a thought or say a prayerfor the Coach and his family especially at this time of year.

God Bless


At 9:56 PM, Blogger Laine Morgan said...

I used to work with his aunt in Tampa. He was truly a man of great faith, as well was his whole family. He's a strong man, he'll get through this heartbreak, and knowing him, he'll do something to try and prevent other young men and women from doing the same thing. But, I feel for him.. I loved him when he coached the Bucs.


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