Monday, December 12, 2005

Snow, Idiots, and Booze

Wow, what a weekend and end of week, sorry I've been gone but I've been very busy. Let us start with Thursday. Here in Indy we got 7 inches of snow starting at 2pm and hitting hard during rush hour. We do not get the snow we got in upstate New York and that is one of the things I actually miss!!! Call me crazy but I love snow and after that first big snow everyone remembers how to drive, the sidewalks get cleaned fast and we have actual plows that go down side streets and everything. Here in Indy it is a rare occurrence to get this much snow in one hit and the people have no idea how to handle it. These people freak when it rains hard so you can imagine what the roads were like for a few inches of the white stuff. On a normal night, even with heavy traffic it only takes me about 30 minutes to get home. Thursday it took over 2.5 hours!!! Yes 2.5 hours and there were no accidents, no cars on the side of the road, no slipping and sliding, no out of control automobiles, just idiots who have no idea how to drive, PERIOD!!!!! It was very frustrating to say the least, to be bumper to bumper for no reason!!!!

Saturday was a different story, we went to the mall and I survived. We had an awesome spot, the first parking spot outside the entrance and there was not a lot of waiting in line in the different stores. We got some shopping done and some great ideas for the rest. Saturday night came and we went to my company Christmas Party. It was a very good time, we got to dress up (me in my suit for the 2nd time this month and the wife in a very nice dress) and mingle with co-workers and spouses. One husband knows my wife as they work for the same company and exchange e-mails weekly but since the wife uses her maiden name at my work the connection was never made (in a smaller world this same guy has an office in the same building as my father, who also works for the same bank). With some good food and an open bar it was a great party, we were one of the last to leave and I actually got on the dance floor for a song or two. Safe to say I will be there again next year.

Sunday I woke with a slight hangover and watched the Colts go 13-0 and stayed awake long enough to see my favorite Danni win Survivor!!!! Everything else is a blurr.

During all this was the fact that the boy stayed home alone on Friday (a Snow Day) and Saturday night while we partied!!! He asked for more responsibility and on Friday we told him he could stay home during the snow day (with Grandma a phone call away) if he cleaned, shoveled and let us know when he was leaving the house and checked in from time to time. Which he did, he called the wife or I on a regular basis and let us know when he moved from one house to another. There were about 4 kids in the neighborhood who roamed, having snowball fights, building forts and asking mom's for hot cocoa. So when Saturday came and we were only to be gone for 3 hours we let him watch a movie and play games (no friends) at home if he wanted (or go to his aunt's). He choose home and we found him asleep on the couch with Nickelodeon on the TV. He's a pretty good kid!!

Police Update: We have had 2 officers shot in the past 2 weeks. One (a roommate of a friend) lost his right eye when a criminal shot him in the face during a pursuit. Last week we had 2 shot on the same day. Both will make full recoveries (one a leg shot and the other in the shoulder). Both are home and safe for the Holidays. Keep a thought for all three and all the men and women on the streets this and everyday!!!!!


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