Saturday, December 03, 2005

Luncheon And More

So the luncheon was a success. I wore the suit and got tons of compliments at work. I liked the way it fit since it is a 2 year old suit and it felt a little loose. Lucky me.

The luncheon itself was great, I sat with my boss and boss' boss and several CEO's and upper management people (one is spending Christmas in Aspen the other will join his family already in their winter home on the West Coast). But it was a good time with good food and our Governor is a very good speaker. We also raised $460,880.00 for Scouting in Indiana. YIPPEEEE!!!!!

Got back to work in time and finished off the day in the suit ( I could get used to that). Then made my way home to a nice quiet evening.

Way tired this week so we slept in a little today, I woke at 5am then went back to bed and woke back up at 10:00am...holy shit I have not slept that long in YEARS!!!! The boy did not move till Noon, but we cleaned and decorated and did laundry and have yet to take showers and leave the house. I know, lazy bums. But being 7:30 I doubt we will make it out. Tomorrow is another story, errands aplenty.

So enjoy the day, I am sure I will have tired feet from all the walking the wife has scheduled for tomorrow!!


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