Monday, December 26, 2005

The Recap

Christmas was great this year. It started Friday night when I collapsed at home from lack of sleep. I had been awake about 40 hours when I finally fell asleep on the couch Friday night. I awoke bright and early Saturday and we began the end of Christmas prep. We finished wrapping the gifts and straightened the house for company the next day. Then off to my parents for dinner and Church and Santa after Mass. Joining us were my sister and son and my brother and my other brother with wife and daughter. We ate prime rib and crabs and pasta and lobsters and Christmas goodies. We drank and were merry and went to an early mass (7:30). Side Note: we got to church and they were setting up seats in the halls and entrance ways when we found a crying room, with 3 kids and 11 seats it fit us perfectly and the babies did not bother anyone. After mass it was high tail it home and see what Santa left under the tree. Santa (and family) were extremely generous and we all left with something nice and the kids made out like bandits. Then for us after awhile it was home to bed, where our Santa made his visit after the boy went to sleep.

Christmas Day dawned with warm temps and plenty of gifts. Once again the boy made out very well (we also had the wife's side of the family gifts to open) and was very appreciative. The wife got some nice gadgets and a ring and I got my Ipod and a few DVDs and games. With the gifts open and the house clean we turned on the oven and opened the doors and one by one the family came over to talk and eat and relax. We watched the History of Christmas on Food Network, some football and a few movies for the kids before settling down again to a nice winter's nap.

In the end it just showed that the gifts are nice and everyone has something on their list but spending the time with family is what this season is all about.

Merry Christmas to you all!!


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