Saturday, February 25, 2006

Saturday Morning

Playing with Itunes and the Ipod this morning. Found some great video from Google Video. Seems they teamed up with the National Archives and have made available for download some great stuff. I put The Eagle Has Landed on the Ipod this morning. Then I went and added the rest of the music I stole from the parents house. IF Pet Sounds is not the great album ever produced then there is something terribly wrong with the music world!!!

Quick today as I am teaching this afternoon at the Junior Leader Training and the stuff I needed is locked up in a garage whose keys are out of now I have to go buy the materials needed.

After this lesson I have the evening free with the wife. I think maybe dinner and a movie. We do not get out as often as we would like but then we are very happy hanging on the couch, watching TV or talking. I look forward to it!


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