Monday, February 13, 2006

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

Thank you so much for the gifts this Christmas, we are just now getting to use them!!! The boy finally got his Xbox 360 and we played it all weekend. My favorite game is Call of Duty 2, incredible graphics, fantastic game play and fun for 2 players. The boy love Madden 06 for 360 and was the talk of the neighborhood all weekend; we have about 10 different kids over playing
the game non-stop all day (and me being sick).

By far my favorite gift was my 60gig video Ipod. I have it filled up to 12 gig now with tons of music, some videos and picture from my Grand Canyon trip!!! I use it everyday and even bought a new case so I can workout with it. What an incredible piece of technology!!! The sound is fantastic and the picture is great (even worked on my big TV)!!! I enjoy having my entire
music collection at my fingertips....makes working out fun again and I can enjoy it at work and in the car!!!!

Anyway, thanks again for the gifts, I would have written sooner but Christmas did not feel over until we got the XBox360 oh and I finally got the last of my Christmas lights down off the roof...

Till next year


At 8:36 PM, Blogger Brent said...

My son won't stop playing Call of Duty 2. He is so wrapped up in it!!


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