Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hump Day

Happy Valentine's Day a day late, fortunately I was not late with the wife. I actually ordered the flowers and set delivery a full 2 days before Valentine's....yippee!!!!

Still under the weather but I worked out yesterday and it felt good. Sometimes a good sweat makes you feel 100% better. Now if I can only find my voice!!

Not much going on this week, we sat in the school gym the other night and listened to a Dr. Mike who lectured on good choices bad choices for your teens, they were there for some of it then went to the other gym for a dance while the rap session with the parents continued. It was OK, a nice primer on how to deal with teenagers in this day and age. While I am more old school in my ideals and approach I think I learned a thing or two and can incorporate them into our lives.

Today is the first official day of Spring Training!! Baseball is upon us and all is right with the world!!!!!


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