Monday, February 13, 2006

Under The Weather...

Recap: I am sick, not out of work sick but miserable!!! I am past the needles down the throat thing and on to the I cannot talk or breathe thing.

Thursday: Hit STOMP that night and loved it. It was the 2nd time for the wife and I but 1st for the boy. He loved it, we had a great time!! I would recommend it to one and all. Kids and adults would love this program. Not a word is spoken and it is non-stop for 90 minutes. My boy said even the girls are RIPPED!!!!

Friday: Woke up with the aforementioned sore throat, went to work and puked there twice. Came home and relaxed on the couch and had some soup. The boy's dance was a hit and afterwards they went to the home of a girl who broke her leg and could not go to the dance and had a movie night. Everyone was well behaved and had a great time. The boy asked his girlfriend out to bowling this weekend, we'll see...

Saturday: Woke up even worse, showered and stayed home all day!!! Watched some movies and caught up on TV...

Sunday: Woke up, no voice, showered and cleaned house, watched TV, went on roof and took down last of Christmas lights (I know!!!) and played Call of Duty 2 on the XBox 360 (more on another post)...went to bed early for work and passed out with NyQuel!

Today I am still sick, coughing up little green balls, I did not work out as I cannot breathe still but I am heading to work...wish me luck.


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