Monday, April 10, 2006

Back To Normal

The wife is at work and the boy at school and everything is right in the world (or at least mine)! Woke up early and hit the gym and worked out, man am I sore!!!! But it was well worth it.

The weekend was great. The boy and I went to a card show (baseball) and picked up a box of cards and he is trying a hand at collecting cards with his old man, I think it will be fun. Cards are expensive these days but I think if we go simple we could have some fun and maybe work our way up to the bigs some day!

We painted the upstairs hallway and are working on the stairwell, it is very high so we need an extention pole and then the wife picked out a new light for the stairs as well. That is going to be a pain in the ass to put up but will look really nice in the end.

The big story this weekend was the first mow of the season. I got the front yard done but it got too dark to get the back. The mower battery was dead and I had to charge it for 2 hours (painted in that time) before I could use it and then time ran out. Just getting out there and smelling the cut grass and the gas in the jug and the hum of the mower behind my ipod playing on shuffle. SPRING!!!!!!

Tonight is our first Full Team Practice for Little League. We went to some last week but most people were on vacation as it was spring break, we did not go anywhere and that's OK. We're saving it up for several small 3 day weekend trips and such. I would like to take the family to a few baseball games around here. Cincinnati, Chicago, St. Louis are all under 4 hours from here and Cleveland, Denver, Milawalkee under we shall see.

Yankees pulled out of a slump and took 1 from the Angles. Thank God.

TV Watchlist:
  • Prison Break
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • 24
  • CSI: Miami


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