Monday, May 15, 2006

Late Night

Survivor is over and what a great season this one was!!! I think that Terry deserved to win it all as one of the most dominating players of all time. He just ruled the game and made it to the Top 3 without the numbers since the merge!!! I liked Danille but in the end I knew between the final 2 that Aras would win out, too bad. A couple of inside Survivor notes: Courtney was a BITCH on her day after interviews, as we were interviewing her we talk to the satellite people and they said what you see is what you get (during the interview), she was bitter and rude and seemed above it all. On the other end, Shane was an absolute joy. He had a blast and was very firmly grounded, he joked and poked fun at himself and alas had a cig the moment "The Grim Reaper snuffed out my torch." Another great season of the original Reality Show is in the books and now we have our Thursday's back.

Nice weekend Recap:
- Saw MI:3 with the wife on Saturday, so-so. No real plot, villain bland and we never find out what the mystery threat is, and it ended like a frickin' love story, Boo. Although the action is there and Cruise did a fine job (he must a a run coach to teach him the cool straight back arms pumping move). Wait for DVD

- Saw Poseidon with the family on Sunday for Mother's Day. That was fun!!! I loved the original and was happy that this did not try to make it something it was not. No message, no hidden adjenda, just an upside down boat and a need to GET OUT!!!!! I love disaster movies!!!! And yes I hate remakes but this broke then mold and was fun!

Busy week again this week. Two ball games (if it doesn't rain) and Scouts and School Concert and Camping trip Friday to Sunday. Add sweeps and race day prep and at 8:07am I am already behind......

Till Next Time!


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