Wednesday, May 10, 2006


So what has been happening:

- Worked from 5:30am till 11:30pm on Saturday
- Mowed, raked, shopped and cleaned my office
- Had a true LAZY SUNDAY!!!

The wife asked me after the long Saturday what I wanted to do today, I said nothing and nothing is what we did. Not really nothing but no real work. Did some dishes, played some baseball in the backyard, grilled dinner (YES!!!), sorted through some old (1978-80) baseball cards with the boy and just enjoyed the day!!! Everyone needs a day like that one.

The boy is doing well in school, of his 9 classes: 6 are 93% or better, one is up from a D to a B+ and the last 2 are hovering around C but he did two big projects with should boost one grade and he needs to bust butt in Math to pick up the grade there. All in all we are proud of what he is doing and have let him know that. He hasn't seen his XBox games in weeks and only this weekend asked when he can have them back. While he has been grounded we have let him go out twice after he did well in school or a good project...kind of incentive to do well.

Mother's Day is coming up and the boy will be gone with the Order of the Arrow this weekend. He was elected by his Troop to the Order and now has to go through the Ordeal. We are very proud of him. That leaves the wife and I home alone this weekend. I think dinner and a movie is in store. I like that fact that the house is being kept clean and the yard looks good and
should not take too long to do.

On the TV front:
- Lost: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!
- 24: What is going on, that dweeb!
- Sopranos: Past it's prime
- Survivor: Finale this weekend, Go Terry!!!
- Amazing Race: what were the Hippies thinking without his shoes?!?!?!?

Just a quick wrap up and a howdy from work during lunch.


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