Saturday, May 13, 2006


Right now I feel like Michael Ironside from Scanners, for you youngen's look it up, but my head is about to EXPLODE!!!!!!

Our Coporate VP (Very Big Boss) saw this 'awesome' end credit move on a Texas TV station that we just HAD TO involves a squeeze back move at the end of the news into a laptop PC and a promotion for the website. Lots of cool graphics and effects and he had to have it N O W !

So they approach me with the Art Department and say this is what we want and we want you to do it. Art designs the animation and PC and all that and I marry it with the Video Switcher and Digital Effect generator to make it work (with help from co-workers). So we get the initial one done and tell the Art Department what they need to change. They say OK and leave...2 weeks later (we had moved on too other things) I go to the Art Department and ask were the new animation is, oh we did it 2 weeks ago, can I have it on tape so we can finish this, oh yea, sure....ARRGGGG!!!!

Get the new animation and it is still wrong, they fixed nothing, I send it back with what needs to be fixed. My Boss tells me Big Boss is looking for it and I tell her that Art is still working on the animation (and relay the delay story).

Fast forward 3 weeks, Art finally gets the new animation to us and we proceed to work on it when THAT DAY my Boss come sin and says the Big Boss wants it NOW!!!! I tell her that Art was dragging their feet and that we just got all the components and can finally put it together, well now it is OUR FAULT it is not on the air yet. We bust ass and finish it that day and tell them it is ready for the 5pm show.....when we are told that Big Boss and Friends have to see the final project and approve it for air.

Fast Forward 1 week later ( it had to be done NOW) when the BB and Fs finally show up and see it and say OK...Fast Forward again 12 days when the News Director finally tells us we can actually use it, Yippee.

Fast Forward 2 weeks (yesterday) when the GM says he does not like the background and changes it, and I do it and put it on the air on the Noon Show. Then jump to the 6pm Show when the producer comes running in and says the VBB (Very Big Boss) saw the close on the air last night while at a bar and hates it, never use it again!!!!!

Here comes the Scanner part, it was his fucking idea in the first place, that he just had to have!!!



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Welcome to my life


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