Monday, June 05, 2006

So Tired....

I am so beat down!!! I slept in again today and failed to work out...I will be there tomorrow!!!!

Up late Friday, up early Saturday, up till 2 am Saturday night and up at 8 am Sunday morning and then off to bed after midnight last night, I am so stupid!

Saturday was spent doing yardwork and watching our landscaper come in and clean up around the house. We had tried last year but we have no idea what we are doing so the wife got someone who banks with her and he came over and made the place look awesome!!!! Sunday was Scout day, we had an Eagle Court of Honor at 1pm (both the boy and I spoke), then to the local cemetery at 3pm to put away several hundred flags that we (the Troop) put out on the graves of Veterans for Memorial Day, then to Scout Sunday service at 5pm then to a baseball game at 7pm (which did not start until 8pm). All in all a great day but very busy. On top of that the wife went shopping (with coupons) and bought $300.00 of stuff for $112.76, it was triple coupon days at the store and she went NUTS!!!!!!

Oh well, time to get to work....


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