Monday, July 10, 2006

Letting Go

At what age do you 'let go'?  The boy is now 13 and he is doing stuff on his own and with the family.  We are hoping to avoid the whole 'teen rebel' phase by laying down the law but giving him his own space.  This summer is a big one for him.  He is spending a lot of days home alone and as long as he is in touch with us he can play with his friends and hang in the neighborhood.  I remember at his age I was biking several miles a day to work a summer job as a lifeguard and camp councilor, but those were different times.  I am hoping the freedoms he is enjoying this summer will help with the school year.  Having freedoms and the chance to lose them might get us over the hump grade wise.
It has been a great summer for him, YMCA camp, rock climbing, joining marching band, Scout Camp coming up, family vacations and a few more to come before the summer is up.  I just hope that he has taken what we have taught to heart and is the person he should be...


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