Monday, July 10, 2006


This was my restart day but I failed to wake up this morning and now it is 2 weeks since I worked out!!!! I can actually feel the effect it has on me and will kick myself in the ass and get out of bed tomorrow and work out!!!!!

I posted Part I of our vacation with pics and stories, Part II is on the way, no worries.

Had a fantastic weekend and all we did was stay home! Saturday we did some Scouting stuff from 8:30 till 2:00pm and also hit the library. Dropped the boy off at home to hang and went shopping at Sam's Club and bulked up on some pantry items. Also refilled the tank for the grill and had some Steaks, Corn, Home Made Mac Salad, etc., it was Awesome. Played some catch out side, watered the lawn and generally had a great day off.

Sunday hit me early (7am) and I was up and cleaning (not too much to clean) and we went to my parents for breakfast as my brother was stopping by from Chicago. After a quick visit we went north for shoe shopping (nothing) and a peek at maybe movies...It was a no go.

Back home we decided the clean the garage, and what a job it was but with the wife and I kicking butt we also managed to get the cars cleaned out as well. The boy was off swimming with friends and when he returned he almost dropped the Holy Sh*t when he saw the garage (it was very messy). After that it was grillin' with a visit from my sister (and nephew) and then a nice quiet evening with the family, broken up by some OT as I had to drive all the way into Indy to direct a 1/2 hour show and then turn around and head back home. I arrived just in time to see Deadwood (HOLY SH*T) and then off to bed after midnight.

The one thing that bothered me was the fact that I was up all night last night. I could not fall asleep. I sat there and listened to the wife sleep and checked the clock every 20 minutes or so. I do not know what the deal was, I finally drifted off after 4am (at least that is the last time I remember) but for the life of me I could not go to bed!!!! I am sure once I start working out again I will be tired enough that I will drop on the bed like old times but we were busy yesterday and I should have just passed out...


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