Friday, October 13, 2006

End of the Week...

It is Friday!!!!! What a quick week I've had. Nothing new or exciting to write about today so how about some quick hits:

  • New York Yankee Cory Lidle was killed in that plane crash. It was too close to Thurman Munson for me and really hit home. My prayers go out to his family.
  • The Yankees were eliminated from the Playoffs. I thought they could go all the way with this bunch and I was wrong. Took some good natured ribbing at work and now look forward to Spring Training. This is a perfect example of how a team wins games no individuals.
  • Fall is coming to Indiana. It is cold at night, very cold. I need a new coat.
  • Vacation is coming in 2 weeks. We are going to New York to visit friends and family. Should be a good time, I just worry about SNOW!!!!!!

That's it, thanks for stopping by......


At 7:53 PM, Blogger Brent said...

I'm hoping that Buffalo isn't a sign of the winter to come. I don't care if it snows like mad out east, however. They can break all the records they want.

Enjoy NY! I haven't been back to the Big Apple in 30 years. That's when I stood at the top of the south tower of the WTC not too long after the buildings were opened.


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