Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday Already?????

WOW!!! What a fun and tumble, beat down weekend!!!! Taking a page from All I Want... some quick hits:

  • Spent Saturday AM technical directing the Circle City Classic parade, my first time. It was awesome!!
  • Spent Saturday PM travelling south towards Louisville to see the boy's marching band perform. They took 1st in class, 2nd over all.
  • Sunday was a hodge podge, lunch with the family
  • then spoke at an Eagle Court of Honor
  • then rushed to the diamonds for 4 hours of baseball (we won both games)
  • then off to eat dinner with another family and got home at 10pm
Monday was a wake up day. I am sick and could not get out of bed. The wife had off (Columbus Day) so she let me sleep in till work. Then I hauled ass to work and felt like crap all day. Nothing new or exciting yesterday. Took the rare evening nap and caught up on a few TV shows (How I Met Your Mother and Studio 60). I got the wife Battlestar Galactica Season One on DVD for her birthday. It is one of the best written shows on TV day, addressing many current issues head on but because it is wrapped in SciFi it does not get the attention it deserves. Check It Out.

Work Out update: I missed the Top 64 men by ONE VISIT last month. Worked out today and feel sore and great......


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