Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lay Down Sally

Fall is here but it is hot as hell in our house. Every ceiling fan is on upstairs as there is a 15 degree difference in tempurature between first and second floor (alright not 15 but close). I have not mowed the lawn in 2 weeks and finally bought a read bagger for the mower. Our grass goes so fast that I cannot mulch (even if I mow every 5 days) and every time I mow I have to rake and I still have clipping on the driveway and street after I rake, blow and sweep. So I bit the bullet and bought the bagger. But they were out and I have to wait until today to pick it out. The lawn was so far gone when I bought it that I could not mow. Now you are saying sure B it is so high you could not mow the lawn. Well the truth is I did not have the time to mow and rake and blow and sweep so I just left it. Now the bagger comes in today and it is raining....I cannot win!


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