Monday, March 19, 2007

Brothers In Arms

Another Scout filled weekend. We not only had Scouting for Food and another Eagle Project on Saturday (we worked about 10:30am till 4pm) we also had the boy's 14th birthday party. Then on Sunday we were up at 6am to do a conditioning hike (10 miles) then off to an Eagle Court of Honor in which the boy was in the Color Guard. By the time I got home and sat down it was after 6pm. I am beat down and tired but I still got up this morning and hit the gym and started my new workout. So far so good, but then again it is only the first day. Wish me luck.

The party was fun. It was definitely different. Only a handful of kids were invited (mixed group: boys and girls) and we gave them their room (but not too much). They wanted to hand out on the deck, watch some movies and 'chill'. And that is what they did. We got some pizza for them and had cookie cake. They watched 2 movies and sat on the couch and talked all night. The boy invited his girlfriend. She started the night on the opposite side of the room and by the time the 2nd movie was over she was sitting next to him with him arm around her and they were holding hands. I know, I know, we have already had the talk and I watch him like a hawk. No unsupervised visits!!!!!!!

My big shock came when no one wanted to sing Happy Birthday to him, apparently they are all too cool for that. He blew out his candles and they ate the cookie. They all had a good time so it was a hit. The boy said Thank You about 100 times in Sunday. That was very nice, to hear that he actually appreciated it. While we were working the Eagle project on Saturday the wife was shopping for the party and called and asked what type of chips he wanted. When told he could get cheese doodles too he was amazed and said, WOW you guys are going all out on this one!.....


At 9:10 PM, Blogger Brent said...

Cheese Doodles, the ultimate party snack!
Good luck, as always, to your work-out regimine (sp?). I have to admire anyone who works at fitness while I wallow in large orders of potatoe-cakes from Arby's. You're my hero!


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