Thursday, March 22, 2007

No Reply At All

Day 3 is good! So far 3/3 in workout days this week. Tomorrow will make it an even 4/4 on the week and a complete success! I cut back my cardio while my muscles get used to the new weights. I will be back up to full speed next week and then VACATION!!!!!

I have been absentminded lately. I lost the keycard to my work the other day and have no idea where the hell it went. I had it when I left and then it was gone when I needed it. I have gone over all my steps and cannot find it. Time to go upstairs and ask for a replacement.

Did not get to see LOST last night. The wife had a crazy schedule putting on demonstrations in house for several companies on why to bank with her. She did C shift last night and did not get back until after midnight (I think, I was snoring). All told she opened like 45 new checking accounts yesterday! Bravo!

This whole US Attorney thing is driving me crazy. The US Attorney serves at the pleasure of the President. When Clinton took office he fired 93 of them and no one blinked. What the White House should have said was "We gave it a shot with these guys and they are not working out for this administration." Instead they give some cock and bull story of poor performance and secret emails and left hand not knowing about right hand and now we are wasting resources on political bullshit. God I hate politics and politicians. Stand up, be a man and tell the truth for the love of Pete!


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