Monday, May 14, 2007

The Yau Experience.

Survivor is done for another season. My 2nd favorite won and my favorite Survivor got screwed!!! I am a big Yau-man fan. I thought he played the game incredibly! This was hands down one of the best Survivor seasons EVER!!! Yau absolutely dominated the season. In the car challenge he made a deal with "Dreamz", the truck for the immunity idol IF he wins it in the final four. He did but did not hand it over. And then lost the million. Earl did a bang up job all season and not once did someone vote for him. Congrats!

An open letter to Dreamz,

Dear Dreamz,

You had a chance to make a difference. You made a deal, shook on it, even swore to God you would honor it. When then time came you folded. You went back on your word and claimed you were playing a game. Watching you weep after that decision showed me you were not "playing the game". The moment you kept the idol for yourself you had NO CHANCE of winning the jury, could you nit see that or did the shot at a million blind you. Boo was right in going after you and then Jeff at the reunion did the same but you stuck to your lame story.

You had a chance to make a difference. You could have been the Survivor guy who gave up a shot at a million to honor his word. You could have been on tour, on book shelves and Oprah as an example of honor and integrity. You could have been a roll model for others outside your sphere of life. You could have done the circuit and talked to schools and troubled kids, making a difference. But you didn't do what was right.

I am sure your son looks up to you and I am sure you explained the situation and he understands and looks at you like all sons should look at their fathers. But how would he look at you if you made the right choice and honored you deal and stood up like a man and put that idol on Yau's neck. THAT would have been something to be proud of. Too bad.



At 12:10 PM, Blogger Aunt Murry said...

I was so disappointed in Dreamz. I cannot begin to tell you. How could he have possibly thought that he would win if he did something like that?

At 2:47 AM, Blogger Iceworm72 said...

A brilliant observation about what honoring his word would have brought to Dreamz's life. It is sad to see that a man's word has become so devalued.

We have so few heros these days and the few we do have are maligned for their courage.

As for your being a "pain in the ass". As I have told the kids I teach in Sunday School for the past five years, I will keep being a pain until you learn something; particularly, the value of acting with integrity. It is my hope that this will help them to learn the value of correct principles. After that they are on their own. Ultimately, it is my hope that they will turn out to be individuals who will keep their word and act with integrity; That there by when the idol is in their hand. I hope they will chose correctly to preserve their integrity; in spite of the cost monetary or otherwise.

Dreamz failed his test and most Survivor fans despise him for his lying greed. Sadly the is likely the lesson he ended up teaching his son.

Finally, since your bio says you are longing for the "Good Ole Days" I figured I would shameless plug for my new blog, since it is a commentary along those lines. The address is:


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