Saturday, May 19, 2007

Alone Time

It is Saturday morning and the house is empty. The boy is off hiking in the wilderness for the weekend and the wife left early to get to work so she can be home by noon. That leaves me to just hang out in the underwear listening to Bob Seger!

I think I will play some video games today waiting for the wife to come home. I still have a PC game I got for Christmas that is still in its original wrapper so maybe I'll install it.

All I want to do this weekend is mow my lawn and then enjoy the day. The house is clean, the bills are paid, we can shop this afternoon and then are all done! It will be very nice to just relax on the weekend. I have a few projects I want to do (compost box in the back yard, edge the lawn) but they can wait, no rush.

School is quickly coming to an end. The boy sis make some steps in getting the grades up. All except English in which he does not like the teacher and the entire semester is based on one book. We shall see what happens.

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