Thursday, May 17, 2007


This weekend we went to see Spam-a-lot. Each year my parents give us a pair of tickets for my birthday to a Broadway show that is playing in town, in order to add a little culture to our lives. Sometimes it is one I have seen on Broadway and loved (Le Mis') or one they thought we would like but was HORRIBLE (Moving Out). But this time it was one we both wanted to see and were both looking forward to. So we went out to a nice dinner, took in some ice cream and then headed to the theater.

First off it was PACKED. We got there an hour early to park and the lot we used was almost full (we just made it in). Once inside it was hot and stuffy as hundreds of people waited around for the doors to open. They opened 10 minutes before curtain and then the play started late as they were still waiting for people to come in. Once the play started however, it was like everyone else disappeared. Our seats were fantastic, 4th row center, and the play and hilarious! If you are a Monty Python fan you would love it. Even if you have never seen a Flying Circus or movie (play is based on Holy Grail) you will laugh your ass off. Before the first act was over the wife was in tears she was laughing so hard and I swear I think the woman next to me wet herself!!!

Afterwards, drinks and bed. It was a fantastic night out with the wife and a great play to boot. I would see this show again in a heart beat! If it is in your town, run do not walk to the theater and get tickets. It is not really for the young, although there were some kids there. It is English humour so if Benny Hill girls make you uncomfortable then make the kids cover their eyes once or twice if you take them...



At 9:20 AM, Blogger Mindy said...

My husband and I are going to see this in June in Las Vegas. Now I really can't wait!

At 7:35 PM, Blogger Brent said...

I missed the show when it played here in Des Moines. Hopefully it will swing through here again.


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