Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hot As, well you know...

The A/C broke yesterday. We had nice temps this weekend so we shut her down and opened the windows. Tuesday, when we got home, it was hot as hell in the house (80) and we shut the windows and turned up the a/c. She cooled the house fine and we slept like babies. Come Wednesday morning it was hot again. I checked everything but the a/c would not work. We shut her down again and called a repairman.

Last night they showed up and told us that the fan motor was blown and they did not have the right one on the truck. It is ordered but they think it will be at least Friday before it comes in. So now we are sitting in this oven, with a nice heat wave coming our way. High 80's, low 90's till Monday. FANTASTIC!!!!! It only got down to 69 over night, worst night of sleep in a while!!!!


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