Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hot Box

Here I sit, Sunday morning at 9:30am and it is over 70 in the house already. I feel for those who do not have a/c. We never had it growing up and now in my line of work I need it. I know it sounds funny but the rooms I work in have to be 68-69 all the time due to the equipment in there. In the winter I have a sweater that I keep at work and wear it most of the day. Sitting in there 8-10 hours a day thins out the blood a bit. When I get home I need it at least 71 or lower or I sweat my ass off.

So yesterday to beat the heat we went to the movies. We hit the shopping places first and loaded up for the week. Then we went to the early showing of Superbad. What a funny funny movie. We laughed out loud. The crowd was small (us and 3 other couples) but the laughs were big. If you like high school humor (sex jokes and the word penis) then this is for you. IF you need social commentary on the state of today's education system, move on...

After that we jumped to The Brave One, with Jodie Foster. I am a big fan of hers (except Flightplan) and this was fantastic. The story really drew you in and the acting was superb. I see Oscar nods to the main cast and writing as well. Check this one out.

After that is was off to the high school (9:30pm) to watch the end of the Marching Band competition we hosted. The local rivals showed up (our HS split into 2 high schools last year, so there is now a instant rival High School 5 blocks away) and since that band was part of ours not 12 months ago they got a great reception. Our band played an exhibition as the host band cannot compete. We did very well and we got to see the whole performance for the first time this year. We mingled afterwards and then hit Blockbuster to return a movie. There we picked up Death Proof. Seems they split Grindhouse into 2 movies as we are too stupid to get the concept of the double feature. I am sure it will come out in a Special Edition just in time for Christmas. Anyway, it was a adrenalin shot to the arm. A tour de force and all those other cliche' blurbs you see. Needless to say I loved it. Mindless action with incredible dialog (if you are into Tarintino, which I am). No awards for this one but a must see for Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs fans!!!


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