Monday, September 24, 2007

Keep On The Sunny Side...

What a mix of a weekend. While we had a great time on Saturday, Sunday was a mess. It all started with the temps rising. I decided to go outside and do all the yard work. Too bad the battery on the mower was dead. I hooked it up to a charger and then did all the work I could outside. We then watched the game (Colts win!!!) and I figured 4 hours was enough. Not so, the battery was stone cold dead and I needed a new one. Fast forward an hour and I was back and hooking it up. I mowed the lawn and then cleaned everything up.

Meanwhile the wife and kid were in the house. I was getting pissed because they were not doing the things I thought needed being done. The wife and I nagged each other all day. I know it was the heat. It was just miserable in the house and upstairs was even worse. It was cooler outside and it hit 90 yesterday. Fingers crossed on getting the parts in today!!!

If you missed Family Guy last night, then you missed the best episode EVER. I laughed the entire time and had to rewind it several times and laugh again.


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