Sunday, September 30, 2007

Playing Catch Up...

Another long haul with nothing to say, sorry.

The A/C Saga took a turn for the worst on Thursday. After sinking $700 into the unit the cause of the failure was the condenser and we needed to get a whole new unit. We contacted several places as we were suspicious of the one we were using. Even with them 'refunding' the 700 as a rebate on a new unit they were still 500-600 more then the other guys NORMAL price. We did some research and went with the best company. After 10 days and $4100 our house is cool. We are contacting the original place tomorrow and looking to get some of that money back. I am pissed as I called the brand name about their until and THEY recommend these people as their official local repair shop. This could be a long and good fight...

Went to my gaming club again last night. Had a great time playing some old boardgames and talking with the group. Met 4 more guys (once again my age or older) and they seem really nice. It was a nice mix of games and I had a blast. I was home a bit more normal (11pm instead of 1:30am last time). I am hoping to make this a regular thing. I have a good time and get to talk with adult males more my age then work AND we do not have work in common so there is no work talk, THANK GOD!!!

South Beach is still working. I had a few bad days recently but I am very committed and this shall work!!!


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