Monday, December 17, 2007

Quick Hits....

Been a rough week or two I'll tell you that. Must go in early to work, have to hit a few stores on the way there so here are your quick hits:

- The boy is doing very well in school right now. He shows us all his homework and stayed in yesterday to study for finals this week. And I mean actually study, he sat there all day working on packets and asking us questions.

- Christmas cards were out early this year. Right after Thanksgiving. We got a call from the MIL, she asked if I did the cards this year, as they were out so early....

- Feeling better, called in sick on Friday. Stomach thing, now behind in things that need doing, that's why I am leaving early today.

- Christmas shopping going well, ahead of the eight ball as it were, more so than usual. Have to just get some stocking stuffers and then I think I am done.

- Talking to the SIL on the phone (in LA) and she said blah,blah,blah stupid. All of a sudden I hear my niece (3) yell: "Don't say stupid, GOD DAMMIT, that's a bad word!". I laughed so hard I nearly pissed myself! (She learned GD from my brother, it is his favorite swear)


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