Monday, December 03, 2007

Good Morning

The weekend did not turn out the way we expected. Halfway through decorating the outside I noticed a broken window on the second floor. Seems one of the boy's friends threw a rock at it the other day AND THEN slept over our house that night. To say we were pissed was an understatement!!! So instead of decorating the house for Christmas we spent the day (roughly 11am till about 3am) dealing with the boy. It was devastating to say the least. The wife broke down, I blew up, the boy cried. The constant lying is killing us. Three steps forward, four back. In the end we all had a very good talk and a better understanding of what is going on with the boy.

It was a very good talk, followed up on Sunday by another one just me and him getting dinner. I hate that things have to happen to get him to talk like he did but I am glad he finally opened up. The friend in question is paying for the window (we talked to his parents). Keeping the fingers crossed we are all on the same page as to what is expected of the boy!!


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