Monday, June 20, 2005

Batman Begins

Let me begin with peeyou, stinkeroo!! Yes I am calling Batman Begins out!! We just finished watching Be Cool, the Get Shorty sequel and that stank to high heaven, what a waste of a free rental and 2 hours of my time. So we go to Batman Begins for Father's Day and bam! another stinky movie. DO not get me wrong, as action movies go this was OK but as Batman flicks go it made me long for nipples on the batsuit. Without giving too much away let me knock out some complaints:

1. Alfred calls him Master Wayne for almost the entire movie, it is Master BRUCE (OK nitpick)

2. Bale's Bruce Wayne is ALL off, I did not even believe him as Bruce Wayne, the cartoon The Batman hits the nail on the head as young Bruce Wayne. This is not Bruce Wayne in this movie.

3. The Batmobile sucks! Plain and simple, hated it (2 snaps)

4. The villains were terrible, The Scarecrow (an underrated evil doer) was a wimp, no class and taken out like a BITCH, I'd rather have Freeze (Ahnold) and he sucked. Rah's al Gul was greatly done, the best thing of the whole movie, played perfectly but his evil plot was dumb, an excuse to have Scarecrow and it did not work.

5. Love interest, as usual no connection made.

6. Batman: two words, NOT PRESENT. This was not Batman as we know and love with several decades of history (comics, books, movies, TV) behind him. While I will admit the last 2 Batman movies sucked and they wanted to go in a different direction, this was not it. Everything he did was out of character. I understand this is supposed to be Batman: Year One and he was to make mistakes but not this far out.

The wife loved it (loves Bale) but as we left we asked the boy how he liked it and he said, that was not Batman, before I even said anything to him. His exposure to Batman is mostly the Animated Series, Justice League and The Batman and even he did not think he was done right.

"Batman would never ruin all that property or attack police", that's right son and he wouldn't make this movie!


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