Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tuesday's With Bryan

Whew, what a whirlwind this past week has been. I am finally recovered enough to be coherent in the morning. as you can see the Winter Camporee was a success. I had a ton of fun organizing it (with the help of various committees and dedicated adult volunteers) and will never do it again ;-)

Some notes from the field:

- All day Friday was set up with just me and one other helper setting up 8 of the 10 stations. We had a First Aid Relay, Memory game, Trivia game, volleyball nets, Frisbee toss, etc...tons of work. I slept very little from Wednesday till Sunday (2-3 hours a night) and
spent the rest of the time working on the programs.

-Saturday was spent running around camp and making sure everything was doing OK. No worries as the volunteers were having as much fun as the Scouts and we had worked on the set up and rules so well that there were no problems all day long.

-Saturday night was a different story, we finally went to bed after midnight when the storm came down upon us. I awoke at 3am to terrible wind, getting out of my tent I saw one of the other adult's tent flying across the field with him in it. His 11x11 tent was picked up like a sail and went 15 feet with him going from sleeping to standing up and running with the tent, very funny the next day.

I had fun, the boy had fun and all the Scouts and Scouters had fun. Nice job by all in organizing and running the entire program. This Wednesday we are going to Cheeseburger In Paradise for dinner with our spouses who we have not seen in 2 weeks because of all the work!!!!!!!

In other news, my tire was flat when I went outside this morning and I had to limp the car a mile to the nearest gas station. At some point I was on rim, I hope I did no real damage to the car....we'll see.


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