Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tuesdays With Bryan

Don't you just hate when Blogrolling is down, how the heck am I to visit my favorite reads!!!!!!!!!

Anyway I was a good boy today and hit the gym early and now am getting ready to split so I can hit the library and take out a book or two. Monday was Monday but still better than Thursday last week!! Do you have one of those people at your job that you tell them something over and over again and they never listen and never fix it? We have one reporter who covers our crime beat and always abbreviates sergeant as SRGT when it is SGT, is it me?!?!!??! Am I wrong or are there several proper ways? And I am not the only one, others in our department say it is wrong and she is the only one that does it that way.... /rant

Ever lose something and find it in the most obvious place. Since getting my Ipod I have been putting all my disks into Itunes and have over 11 gig of music in there but could not find my David Bowie ChangesBowie disk (Greatest hits) and have been looking for it for weeks. Well this weekend while cleaning the garage there it was, with a receipt and some paperwork and a copy of a key I have also been looking for. Seems I put them on a shelf while cleaning out my car as things that needed to be brought into the house when I was done, 3 MONTHS AGO!!!!!!!

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