Friday, February 03, 2006


I believe yesterday must have been National "I've Had Better Days" Day. Everyone at work was grumpy for different reasons. No one wanted to be there and it seemed like we were all going through the motions. Now I realize that this is every workplace in America but yesterday it was EVERYONE, there is usually only one or two 'grumpies' while everyone else is normal, not so yesterday. I am just glad it is over and can move on to Friday!!!!!

Last night was the beginning of Survivor. Every Thursday we gather at my parents for dinner then go upstairs and watch Survivor on the big screen. It is fun for all of us and we've been doing it since we moved here!!! We only missed one episode together and that was when we went to Washington DC, but even then we watched it and then called and made all sorts of "I can't believe" noises on the phone as my parents started to watch (different time zones)...Anyway, looks like another good season, while interviewing Probst yesterday he said that this is more of a fun Survivor compared to Guatemala, so sit back and enjoy. And how stupid are the Older Women Tribe....nice choice, morons!!!!

Went to the gym this morning and I am back on routine!!! Felt good t get out there and was stopped by several regulars asking where I have been: my answer is LAZY!!! They laugh but know how hard it is to get out of bed at 6 in the morning to go work out for 2 hours.......

That's all for today, enjoy the weekend and the Super Bowl if your team is in it...mine's not but I will watch it anyway.

Till Next Time...

PS T.G.I.I.A.D.B.Y. is Thank God It Is Any Day But Yesterday


At 8:51 PM, Blogger Aunt Murry said...

OMG!!! Are you living my life! I broke up with the guy I've been dating - long story but everyone was in a bad mood!!!


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