Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tuesdays With Bryan

Finally worked out this morning, and did not throw up, YIPPEEE!!!!! Nice and quiet yesterday with no major messes at work and a nice evening at home with the wife and boy. Tonight we have our Scout meeting and then on Thursday I have an awards dinner for the Scouting District. I was nominated for an award but you need a minimum 2 years with a Troop to be eligible. No worries, I do not do this for the glory....

Have I mentioned I love my Ipod!!!! I work out with it, listen in the car and bring it to work and listen on my lunch break. Every song is one I love (cause it is MY IPOD) and I am finding things I would not have listened to otherwise. I have some podcasts from MLB, Lost, Family Guy, some video shows and some classical music I have not listened to in years!!! I am looking for a way to post my recent playlist on the site so you can see like the last 5-10 songs played since I logged on, should be cool.

Oh well, off to Mother Russia to defend her from the Nazi's for awhile before work (Call of Duty2: Hardened)...


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