Thursday, April 27, 2006

April 29th

So I decided to check out what happened on my birthday, who was born, who died and any major events, battles, etc....

I already knew Duke Ellington and I shared the day. As well as Andre Aggassi and Uma Thurman and I were all born on the same EXACT day in 1970, but here are some others:

1967 - Master P, American rapper, composer, actor, athlete, and sports agent
1968 - Carnie Wilson, American singer
1957 - Daniel Day-Lewis, Irish actor
1958 - Michelle Pfeiffer, American actress
1958 - Eve Plumb, American actress
1951 - Dale Earnhardt, American race car driver (d. 2001)
1952 - Nora Dunn, American actress
1954 - Jerry Seinfeld, American comedian
1955 - Kate Mulgrew, American actress
1944 - Richard Kline, American actor and television director
1946 - John Waters, American film director and writer
1899 - Duke Ellington, American jazz pianist and bandleader (d. 1974)
1901 - Hirohito, Emperor of Japan (d. 1989)
1863 - William Randolph Hearst, American publisher (d. 1951)

1980 - Alfred Hitchcock, English film director (b. 1899)
1380 - Catherine of Siena, Italian saint (b. 1347)

1986 - Roger Clemens sets a major league baseball record with 20 strikeouts in nine innings against the Seattle Mariners.

1992 - 1992 Los Angeles riots: Riots in Los Angeles, California, follow the acquittal of police officers charged with excessive force in the beating of Rodney King. Over the next three days 54 people are killed and hundreds of buildings are destroyed.

1945 - Adolf Hitler marries his long-time partner Eva Braun in a Berlin bunker and designates
Admiral Karl Dönitz as his successor.

1916 - Easter Rebellion: Martial law in Ireland is lifted and the rebellion is officially over with the surrender of Irish nationalists to British authorities in Dublin.


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