Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lazy Blogger

It is Thursday and I have hardly written a thing. We have been very busy this week. Monday we had a baseball game (we won) then Tuesday we had a late Scout meeting, then last night we had another Baseball game (we won again). And tomorrow we leave for a campout till Sunday.

Also this weekend I begin the downslide to 40. I got an early gift from my parents, MLB Extra Innings!!!!! Yippee, I now get over 60 major league baseball games a week!!! Mostly for me it will be the Yankees but I will watch Toronto, Angels, Cleveland and Oakland as well for some great baseball!!!

I worked out all week and will head into the end of the month with over 4000 FitLinx points which means I worked out very well this month!!!

Well now I am off to Sam's Club to get cheap gas ($2.89) and maybe some raingear for the weekend.

Till Next Time


At 2:59 PM, Blogger Aunt Murry said...

My 40's have been like my 20's but this time, it's better somehow. I know more. I still do all the great things I did in my 20's but I have more fun. My 30's really sucked so I was really looking forward to 40 and somehow I have not been disappointed. ENJOY IT! 40 is the new 20!


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