Thursday, April 20, 2006

Random Shots

Been working out and driving the boy to school so little to no time to blog.....

- Work is nice and slow right now and that is good. After the past month of NCAA and Spring Storms and next month of MAY (Ratings, Indy 500, Mini Marathon, 500 Parade), it is nice to just take a breathe before the storm.

- We have been working on a new close for the boy show. The art department came up with it and gave it to us. Unfortunately they do not really know TV and had to redo it. While we were waiting on them we built the skeleton for the effect and waited for the final animation. After 2 weeks I went to Art and asked if they finished the new animation yet. I was told they did it the day we handed it back to them, THANKS...... Now management is on my ass to get this done while I could have had it done 2 weeks ago but fu**ing Art was sitting on their hands the whole time. A co-worker has a saying: Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency for me! Damn Straight!!!!

- The boy is getting his shit together, saw some grades, A's...then he misses a homework. He swears he did it, so I called the teacher and left a voice mail. They are all at some camp the school goes to for Science for 3 days, so we will see when he gets back. I have pre-emtively hid all his XBox 360 games...just in case.

- This week's Library music mix: Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Eagles, AC/DC, The Who, Emerson, Lake & Palmer. I love my Ipod!!!!!

- Got new sneakers the other day and finally laced them up and strapped them on. They are so white, EVERYONE had a comment yesterday about'll take a week to break them in but I have been buying the same pair for some time now. Some call it a rut, I just say I know what I like.......

Till Next Time


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