Monday, May 01, 2006

Home Again

SO I made it through the weekend in one piece. I turned 36 Saturday. I woke early and packed for a camping trip (which the boy left on the night before). I drove down to Bloomington, Indiana for the Spring Camporee. We had a great time. Most of our older Scouts were not there and we still placed 3rd (out of 15 Troops). We even had 2 first year patrols and 2 2nd year patrols. All in all a good turn out and the boys had fun. I enjoyed just sitting in camp talking with the adults and working with the Scouts. Always a good time.

Of course a night in a tent is a week with a bad back. It still hurts today, but I got out of bed early and hit the gym to start off May and my 36th year right. It was a good workout, better than I expected, and my back is better already!!!

Weather wise it was nice for the camp and Sunday. It rained like a mother on Saturday night (around 4am), it was a downpour and I dreaded the morning, but it stopped around 6:30am and we were able to pack up and ship out under grey but dry skies. But that only means that the grass is already in need of a cut and for the next 4 days I am swamped. Tonight baseball, Tuesday Scouts, Wednesday Baseball and Thursday Dinner with parents.....what a tough life I have!

Got 2 great gifts this weekend: from the Parents a subscription to MLB Extra Innings, 60 MLB games a week on the TV, including my Yankees!!! From the wife a new watch, but not just any watch a citizen's and not just any Citizen but the EXACT ONE I HAVE BEEN LOOKING AT FOR 6 MONTHS BUT TOLD NO ONE!!!!! I guess my wife really knows me!


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