Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday's With Bryan

It's been awhile since we visited Tuesday...and nothing has changed. THe boy is very active the rest of the summer, maybe. He has YMCA camp for the next 2 weeks, then goes to Wisconsin for a week with Boy Scouts and then spends about every day at Band Practice and Band camp for one week in August. The problem is that he is missing the next few band practices due to Scouts and Baseball Playoffs and the wife an dI had a disagreement last night about continuing on with band. It is a major commitment, time and money, and the boy is going into 8th grade but got invited to be in the High School Marching Band (he is pretty good on the drums). So I am thinking of calling the Band Director and laying out the situation and seeing what he has to say. I think the boy will love it, it is just a little too busy right now......

Things are back to normal at work, people were out on vacation and other personal time last week so everyone was in a situation they are not in regularly, but now that certain people are back I remember why they needed a vacation...if you hate your job so much, then quit. I do think it is that simple. I was miserable in New York and was done dealing with all the bullshit, an opportunity arrived and within 2 weeks I was out the door and 600 miles away, and better for it!!!

PS: Worked out this morning, I am sore but healthy and feeling great...

PPS: Hell's Kitchen returned last night and it was AWESOME!!!!

PPPS: Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares is on BBC America and it is AWESOME as well!!!

PPPPS: Rush Replay x3 DVD came out today, if anyone wants to get me a Father's Day Gift, that is it....


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